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Cut Me I Sparkle

Cut Me I Sparkle

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Get ready to shine with Cut Me I Sparkle! This magical color screams ruby slippers that will take you over the rainbow and help you find your way back home. With our nail dip powder, you'll be covered in red sparkles, all while keeping things quirky and fun. Just click your heels and add some sparkle to your look! (No wizard required.)

Our new Core collection is exactly what you’ve been waiting for - the basics you need to build your collection and make all those glitters pop, the foils shine, and the options alive. These will never have a surprise UV or temperature change, glow in the dark, or have any hidden or special effects or surprises. What you see is what you get! 

  • Powders are 1oz in volume 
  • Colors May appear slightly differently in person due to lighting, skin tone, screen color, ETC. 
  • Return Policy: All returned product MUST be unopened and unused. A return shipping fee may be assessed.

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