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Our Products

What is a Core Color?

Our core colors are a collection of the basics, a rainbow of each color family and shade range, as well as our classic glitters.

These colors are the building blocks of any dip collection, and serve to make sure you always have access to matching manis and complimentary colors for our limited time mixes!

These colors will remain on the site at all times and will always be available for purchase, unless they're sold out. If sold out, they will restock shortly!

What is a Live Color?

Our live colors are our specialty colors made weekly during our TikTok lives! These colors are available for a limited time, and may or may not be restocked in the future.

Under the "this week's live colors" collection, you can find them separated by Tuesday's restocks and Thursday's new colors. Tuesday colors are colors brought back from our "vault", requested by our customers! Thursday colors are brand new, created together with our customers on a weekly TikTok live night! You can find our up-to-date weekly live schedule in our bio on TikTok @tundradip!

These colors are available for about a week, and are removed the next Friday morning. That's 10 days to snag a Tuesday color you're eyeing, and 8 for Thursday's colors!

Why can't I find the color I'm looking for?

If you've seen a mani using one of our colors, and are having a hard time finding it on our site, it may potentially be vaulted at that moment. This just means that it's not in stock and available, but could come back on a restock day! You can request colors you're eyeing on our community facebook group's weekly restock request post, usually opened up on a Monday!

We also regularly host clearance lives or release limited time only/specialty collections and colors, so a select few truly may be one and done.

If you have any questions about a specific color, feel free to reach out to us in our facebook group or at our support email!

Will Tundra Dip powders work with other liquids, and vice versa?

We can only vouch for and offer guidance on our system. We have carefully curated our products to work best with each other, and will always be able to offer support for our system, but may not be able to offer the same knowledge on others.

That being said, most dip systems are universal and able to be used in combination! We recommend sticking with one overall liquid system, but liquids and powders should typically work with each other without issue!

Are Tundra Dip products allergen friendly?

Our products are 9free and HEMA free, meaning that they don't contain 9+ of the most frequent allergens among similar products. We are a more allergen-friendly brand because of this, and many of our customers who cannot use other products use ours without issue!

When it comes to specific allergens, concerns and/or reactions, we must refer you to a physician. They may be able to conduct an allergy test and discover exactly which ingredient it is that your body doesn't agree with. We recommend discontinuing the use of any products that may have led to this a reaction until you're able to determine the cause.


How can I get my nails to last longer?

Prep is the most important step when it comes to mani longevity! Getting a prep routine that works best for your nail type will make all the difference.

To prep your nails, start by cleaning up your cuticle area. Push back your cuticles, and use a cuticle softener or remover to scrape excess cuticle off of your nail plate. Trim your cuticles if necessary. Wipe well with alcohol to remove any residue before continuing!

Buff the nail plate all over to remove shine. You don't want to be too rough during this step, and be sure to use a fine grit buffer for this, never a super abrasive nail file. Just buff until the shine is gone! Wipe with alcohol to remove excess dust and debris.

Now, this is when you would use a dehydrator and/or bonder if you like. Dehydrator will help to remove any remaining surface oils from the nail plate, and bonder will add a sticky base for the product to grip to and help with longevity. These two prep steps are optional, but can help a ton with making longer lasting manis!

When applying the base and dip powder, it's important to keep the product off of and out of the cuticle area and surrounding skin. Do your best to "color inside the lines"! Any overlap of the product on your cuticle area or surrounding skin can lead to lifting, as the seal of the enhancement is not flush with the nail plate.

Prolonged exposure to water can cause your nails to lift quicker. Naturally, as your nails are exposed to and retain moisture, your nail plate swells, and as it dries it contracts. The more times this happens, the more likely the seal between the product and your nail plate may begin to weaken. Try not to soak your nails in water for prolonged periods of time!

My top coat is streaky. What happened?

It's important to use minimal brush strokes with top coat! Too many brush strokes and you may get some streakiness if the coat begins to dry as you brush.

The first coat of top coat will dry a bit "dull" and may have a rougher appearance to it. This is because the top coat is covering and sealing the nail surface as it's supposed to. The second coat over top of this should dry nice, smooth and glossy!

My top coat has matte spots. What happened?

Matte spots in the finish of a top coat usually indicate the presence of moisture. The top coat will go matte or "white" when it comes in contact with water or another form of moisture. This likely means that your nails and/or the surrounding areas weren't fully dried off before the top coat was applied! After rinsing your nails or wiping with alcohol, be sure to thoroughly dry your hands and nails before proceeding.

My liquids are stringy, goopy and/or thick. What happened?

Stringy, goopy or thick liquids almost always point to contamination of some sort. Typically this is contact with excess powder or another step liquid.

  • Be sure to always cleanse the nail surface between activator and top coat and allow ample drying time. This may take some practice to find what works for you!
  • Make sure you're brushing excess powder off of your nail surface after dipping and before your next coat of base.
  • Always wipe your brush off before putting it back into the bottle if any powder or other contaminants get on it!

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please reach out to us at our support email for further help!

My bottle is sealed shut! What do I do?

Do not, under any circumstances, use tools or force to try to open a stuck bottle! They are glass, and can break. The last thing we want is for anyone to get hurt.

You can try running the neck of the bottle under hot water for about 30 seconds, and give it a twist to see if it budges. Repeat this a few times, and usually it'll loosen itself up! If this doesn't work, you could try dropping just a few drops of acetone under the cap.

Here's a few tips and tricks to keep your liquids in their best shape!

  • After each use, be sure to wipe the outside threads of the glass off with alcohol to make sure there's no excess liquids that can lead to sticking.
  • When you get a new bottle, and after cleaning with alcohol after each use, you can put a teensy bit of cuticle oil on the outside threads to add some extra non-stick insurance.
  • We recommend not fully twisting the bottles shut. When you're finished with #1 and #3, just twist them a few times until they're properly sealed and won't leak, but you don't need to fully twist them all the way down! Then, make sure to always store your liquids upright in a safe place!

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please reach out to us at our support email for further help!


How can I create an account?

  • On our website, you can click the silhouette in the top right corner to log in. If you don't have an account registered with us, you can select "create account" option instead and go from there!
  • After placing an order, you may receive an email prompting you to create a store account with us. Follow this link to complete your account and start earning rewards points!

How do I use a discount code?

During checkout, there will be a "discount code" box before the final submission of the order. Here you can input any discount codes we may be running, or a redeemed code of your own! It should come off of your total after loading, and if there is an issue with the code, you should get an error message explaining why.

If you have any troubles, questions or concerns regarding discount codes, please email support and we'll take care of you!

This may differ depending on which service you are using to check out, so if you experience difficulties, we recommend sticking with our regular checkout screen on our website!

How can I redeem my points?

To check on your point balance and redeem points for rewards, you must be logged into your store account. Once logged in, click the "reward" button in the bottom left of your screen.

Here, you can check on your points balance, view redeemable rewards, and view any perviously redeemed rewards codes that have not been used yet. Redeemed rewards will produce a discount code, this code must be pasted at checkout to be redeemed!

How do I refer a friend?

To refer a friend, head to your reward button in the bottom left of your screen. When you click the "refer your friends" button, it will create an invite link for you. Follow the below steps to successfully refer a friend and get your benefits!

  1. Copy and paste your invite link and send it to your friends. Your friends must use this link to complete their purchase!
  2. Once your friends open this link, they will receive a pop up about their coupon and will be asked to enter their email to claim their gift.
  3. Once they enter their email and hit claim, it will generate a discount code for them to use on their purchase. They must use this code for the referral to count!
  4. Once they have made their first purchase through your link and with the code provided to them, the system will process this as a referral and produce a code for you as the referrer. This code should show up for you in your "reward list" section of your rewards tab!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding referrals, please reach out to support!

Don't see what you're looking for?

Don't worry! Our support team is always happy to help. Please feel free to email us at support@tundradip.com and we'll get back to you shortly!

In the meantime, you can also seek for answers within our community of customers over on our Facebook Group! Click the link below to join us, it's a good time! ;)