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At Tundra Dip, we’re passionate creators of small-batch, handcrafted beauty products. Whether it's our signature dip powders, luxurious body care oils or creative glitter mixes, we're here to add a touch of magic to your self-care routine.

Build Your Own Starter Kit

Get started by building a customized Tundra Dip starter kit with built in bundle discounts! Start by selecting all 3 dip liquids, then proceed to pick the colors you'd like by scrolling through options or searching by name. Then, select which tools you'd like in your kit (we recommend at least picking up a file, buffing block and powder brush), and any additional liquids you may want. Then, finish building your box and add your fully customized kit to your cart!

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Our Weekly Lives

Monday Manicure Lives

Every Monday | 11am CST | Check our TikTok bio for an updated schedule reflecting any weekly changes!

On Mondays, Bonnie goes live on our @tundradip TikTok page to do her nails! During this live you can see a demo of our products, get our tips and tricks, and ask any burning questions you have for us and our community members!

Tuesday Restock Lives

Every Tuesday | 12pm noon CST | Check our TikTok bio for an updated schedule reflecting any weekly changes!

On Tuesdays, Bonnie goes live from our @tundradip TikTok to bring back requested throwback colors!

Each Monday, a request post will be made in our facebook group. Here you can drop the names of the colors you've been dying for us to bring back! During this Tuesday live, a select few will be revived from our vault and made available for the week, along with some staff picks that we're dying to bring back too!

Thursday Night New Color Lives

Every Thursday | 7pm CST | Check our TikTok bio for an updated schedule reflecting any weekly changes!

On Thursdays, Bonnie goes live from our @tundradip TikTok to create BRAND NEW colors! These colors usually use new materials, feature new pigments, and can even be requests from the comments! They're made right there on live, and then they're available for the week before they get vaulted and replaced by next Thursday's colors!

  • Instructions & Liquid Care

    Find a permanent copy of our recommended instructions, application process, tips and tricks and liquid care below!

    Instructions & Liquid Care 
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Have some burning questions or need some help? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions below to find some answers.

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The Small Business Benefit

As a small business owner, my goal is to help guide you through your journey as you learn to do your own salon quality nails at home. I take my role seriously and pride myself in being open and available to my customers! I am very active on TikTok and Instagram @tundradip where you can find many tutorials, tips and tricks using my products. We have built an incredibly welcoming and helpful community, and I know my customers would be happy to help as well!

- Bonnie | Tundra Dip CEO